Sundays Are For (Week 11)

by justine

Today could’ve been for attending a sweet beginner’s DSLR class, which I had a Living Social voucher for. $150 class for $49 seemed like a deal.Boy was that not the case…

  • The instructor was 30min late – possibly excusable due to street closures in the area, though a class of 10 students were all on time
  • The instructor didn’t know how to use his laptop with the projector. He seemed frustrated with the co-working space person who tried to help him
  • After starting 30min late, the instructor began by discussing his website / career, not the class material. He only moved on when a student in the class asked “So when are we going to learn about our cameras?”
  • 45min into the late start (and only 15min after he began) he needed more help with the laptop / projector (where another student said to the room, “Ok, this is making me really anxious”. We all agreed)
  • One full hour into the 3-hour class he opened a PDF of slides that he did not seem familiar with, never discussing the material in a linear manner. I can say this because I took black & white film photography in high school. I hoped today’s class would cover the basics of photography to freshen my memory and show me the simple applications of these topics on my digital camera’s settings. I understand all digital cameras are different, but this class left me more confused than anything – not updated or even bored.
  • I believe there was supposed to be an experiential section of the class, where we broke into groups, shot photos and then discussed. This did not occur.
  • The class ended a half-hour earlier than scheduled. As the past 2.5 hrs were a total waste of my time, I left.
  • The slides provided as a supplement are not worth the $50 I paid.
  • The rest of the students seemed equally as frustrated and unhappy with the class.

I’ve emailed both Living Social and the class company but I doubt anything will happen. Partly, I feel bad for the instructor – he seemed way out of his element – but I feel bad for anyone who paid full-price for that class. Awful.

Luckily, afterwards I had plans to hang with my friend Liz who is relocating to Boston in November. Because I have an insane next 3+ weeks, we decided today would be a good hang out day and then we’ll do dinner her last week here. We sat outside at her apartment pool, talking about life and watching her crazy puppy hunt through the ivy like a little Indiana Jones. Too funny.

Tomorrow is a Monday holiday. I’ll be hanging with the pup, waiting for a carpet company to come by and give us an estimate. New carpet, paint, couch – here we come!

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