Working Hard & Hardly Working

by justine

Boy, sign me up for a dog’s life my next time around. While I’m working hard, he’s hardly working.

But it’s a good way to sum up today. Like I wrote last week, I have my master list of projects with bullets for each of  the “next actions” I need to complete to move the project forward. Because I have two trips and three events in 9 days, I am focusing on the minimum. I work through the next actions I’ve assigned myself for that day and don’t worry about doing too much more. It seems to be working.

As my coworker said today, I feel weirdly calm even with two events in the next few days.

Earlier today there was one issue, a catering task, that wasn’t falling into place. As I walked from my lunch meeting (where I had a cinnamon mocha – what?!) to my car, I thought, “I’ve just got to trust. I can feel it’ll work out, but I’m so nervous if I give in or give up, I’ll be screwing myself”. At the car, less than 5 min later, I checked my phone and I had a voice-mail from the one person I was waiting on before I moved forward.

I mean, how perfect is that?! Come on.

Even with stupid long conference calls, traffic, spaghetti-sauce-stained carpet, not enough sleep, running shoes shot, flat tire on my bike and pms, I’m learning… Keep on trusting.