The Ups and Downs of Things

by justine

Been feeling a little blue. Been needing more help / support than usual. Thought seeing my therapist yesterday would help, but it took a whole lot more. After crying in the car because my self-care plan of doing work at my fav coffee house back-fired, I ended up just putting myself to bed. An hour long nap was the key. Afterwards I felt healthy enough to vacuum the entire house and get my shit together for my event that evening. And then I got a mani / pedi.

The event itself was fabulous. I should never doubt the power of hanging out with other women.

I didn’t get home till after midnight. This morning I have a hangover. But I’m packed and ready to travel again. It’s so weird to me the ups and downs of things. How I can be hysterical and alone in the morning and surrounded by community and love at night. Do you ever get that?

So grateful I had the time and flexibility to take that nap. Not sure I would’ve reset to myself again without it.

Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday. xo