Sundays Are For (Week 14)

by justine

Christmas decorations, a long walk with H and the pup, coffee and eggs at home. I tried to create a few ornaments myself today – mostly it felt like a failure, but now with the trim trimmed, I am happier with the results. We bought more lights and finished the tree, though we still need a tree skirt. This whole “Christmas” thing is much more stressful as an adult when you don’t have your family’s supplies and traditions at the ready.

I spent most of the day ordering and organizing gifts. I’m frustrated. I spent so much time and I still have so much more to do – for only 14 people or so. And now we’re up late because H is working on a final paper for his first finished semester of grad school. Just thought I’d pop in and put a quick post up. Even though it’ll be a packed few days, and I have lots to do, I’m excited it’s the last week before the holidays.

How was your weekend? xo

ps – the feathers are a hat tip to the magic of this year