Low Energy

by justine

Mailed out a few Christmas gifts today. You’d think being home in LA for the holidays would be relaxing – no plane rides, no long trips, and lots of time at home. But this week before Christmas still feels as hectic as if we’re flying out on Friday on our annual pre-Christmas red eye.

We’re not – and the beautiful goal of 10+ days off starting Friday afternoon is so delicious, I can’t wait. I keep doing what I think is a lot of work and yet, my to do list / stress level isn’t lessening. Today was complete scheduling chaos (thanks to the moon void of course). Things moved around, cancelled, double-booked and generally steam-rolled me from the time I woke up until about 1pm. Then I could finally focus and do work. And hardly did any. I mean, I did work, but it didn’t feel like much at all…

So I sit here now, watching the Jets lose (again) with no major thoughts in my head besides “bath” and “bed” and wondering why I’m even trying to keep my body out of either. I think I’m gonna go start the hot water now. I could use a good soak. And sleep.

Hopefully my energy is back up tomorrow. xo