A Small Obsession

by justine

Pulled from NPR article: http://www.npr.org/2012/12/20/167621313/a-billion-pixel-tour-of-mount-everest – photo by David Breashears

This is NOT my photo.

It’s by photographer David Breashears and from this NPR article – a pixel tour of Mount Everest. And the photo is nothing compared to the interactive “pixel tour” of the mountain. I can’t wait to play with the interactive, narrated version they’re creating.

I do not know what pulls me, but Mount Everest is a small obsession of mine. It’s been since I read Into Thin Air a few years ago. I am as mystified with the moutain as I am with the people who want to scale it. If I had some impossible dream, that would be it. Maybe one day, if given the opportunity, I could volunteer at base camp for a bit – just to get in on the action. But climb the beast? Probably not in this lifetime.

I could be blogging about the end of the 2012 work year, how we didn’t die in the Mayan apocalypse or how I ran too far, too fast this week, but after stumbling upon this article, it had to be today’s post. It’s important I track the things I care about – Mount Everest, and her story, is definitely one of them.