by justine

Originally, I wanted to get out of LA for a night this vacation. San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs. Whatever. But then time flew,  and the days, while full, were getting away from us. After an amazing holiday party last night (where my team won the 4-round game, we drank hot apple cider spiked with jack, and ate little pb&j sandwiches cut to be reindeer faces), we didn’t go to bed until 2AM.

Around 7am a huge boom of thunder woke us straight up. My temples pounded with adrenaline. I had trouble falling back asleep. We stayed in bed until after 10am. I didn’t run or write this morning. It was a void of course moon all day.

We spent some time at a friend’s house, letting the dogs play. H captured a few more forts in his video game and cooked us dinner. I spent most of the afternoon organizing and cleaning the office, which doubled as my sister’s room for the past 2 months. Stuff went to its rightful place, the garbage or a pile for donations. Some sort of determination took hold of my body and I wiped, moved, filed and discarded item and item. I even vacuumed the cobwebs and pulled stuff off the walls to rehang it in new places.

I finished the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest and moved right on to Slammerkin. Our kitchen table is almost cleared of random crap. Yesterday we went up to H’s school and did work, after letting the dog play in the park. Today we picked up lattes on our drive. We cuddled in bed listening to the pattering rain.

I want to go to bed and luxuriate in sleep, but I also want to stay up and savor each moment of home.

I needed this – nesting, quiet, time alone with H. Things feel cozy and normal again – this is our home life. How I’ve missed it so.