Thank You 2012

by justine

For the first day of 2013, I am saying goodbye to 2012. I posted this on Facebook earlier today:

Dear 2012 – thank you. For teaching me to *trust* in myself and the universe, for the celebration of H and my love, for all of the places I traveled, for bringing M & Ricky to the west coast, to H’s parents for their support, to Mom for her “transformation” and for Dad supporting her. Oh, and also to all of the amazing friends H and I have all over the country. Sending everyone love #bestyearyet ♥

You can read a long recap of my 2012 below – enjoy!

In January, we had our engagement photo shoot with Billy and emailed our Save the Dates – a video of us singing. I planned & executed a huge work event that swatted me off my feet, so I took a day off. The crappy feeling lasted until around my birthday.

February, I hosted the first of many women’s events for work. It was a smash. My brother crashed at our apartment for 2+ weeks while he found an apartment. I sent valentines instead of holiday cards. I celebrated my birthday with a hike and dinner with friends and then rested in San Diego on a quiet trip with a friend.

March brought the first Mercury retrograde. My debit card was stolen and we had the last blow-out family fight (I hope) of my life. Registry gifts arrived. I made a trip to Boston for work and Long Island for my bridal shower, which was a ton of fun.

April I finally quit one dentist and started seeing a new one. We hosted H’s bachlor party people at our apartment for the weekend. So awesome to spend time with our friends. Our wedding invites went out in the mail. I finally bought new running shoes.

In May I won a Package of Love from a blogger and began the official wedding countdown with my bachelorette party. I renamed my anxiety, excitement.

June brought work chaos and honeymoon planning and a bridal brunch. I picked up my dress! Things felt insanely good and terribly exhausting. Feathers started finding me. My “one little word” came out in full force.

July was hands-down the best month since we GOT MARRIED on 7.7.12 ! Though before that, I hit my limit. Then we honeymooned in Hawaii on the islands of Maui and Kauai. We returned home to rest as much as we could.

I tried a digital sabbatical in August and the heat wave begun (lasted until October).
We watched planes land. A friend gifted me yoga. I biked the dog to the grocery store a lot. I started Sundays Are For… Life took on the color I dreamed of in our westside living.

September was another up-kick for our social calendar. I wrote about owning my dog. There was more trust. There was the sibling weekend in Newport. We celebrated two weddings of friends, one east coast, one west coast. H started grad school and our lives got a ton more hectic. I felt it in my energy and moods. We committed to a crazy 3 days of travel and then I went to Boston for work (again). We celebrated 10 years together on 9.21.12.

We didn’t slow down in October – the craziest month of the year for me besides July. We saw the Black Keys play Staples Center. There was a weekend in the Sequoias with friends and a Vegas Family Vacation. My third weekend of travel in a row sent me to San Fran, which was one of the best weekends of the year. Carter has a terrible case of fleas that took weeks to eliminate. And last but certianly not least, my sister moved in with us.

November equaled hibernate. And another Grateful Season. We walked to our voting station and cast our ballots. I fell in love with Brandi Carlile after seeing her play the Orpheum. We had our Thanksgiving in LA with friends. The Maybe Baby course was in full swing. I started running again. My sister and I saw Karmin play the Troubadour and fell into a routine of entertaining ourselves. Things started to level out.

And to round out the year, in December we celebrated our first Christmas in LA – get a tree, buy ornaments and gifts, and mail out stuff to arrive on the east coast (almost) on time. I travelled to Nashville for work, which ended up being relaxing. It was my last travel for 2012. The weather turned cold. Ricky and I went line dancing. And now H and I are enjoying 10 quiet, stress-free and loving vacation days in our own apartment.