Tweet Tuesday – Ease

by justine

I was introduced to the work of Rachel W Cole by the fabulous Creative Living with Jamie podcast. Rachel writes about our hungers, about feeding ourselves, about nourishment. There is something deeply sensual and playful about how she approaches these ideas, like I can feel them in my body more than I take them into my head as ideas.

The quote above made me catch my breath. This is exactly the type of distinction I feel I’m unable to make, especially in any panic or shame-driven state.

Ease = being with what is
That doesn’t mean things are easy. That doesn’t mean I can handle them alone, or I should. That doesn’t mean I have to knuckle down. It doesn’t mean I can’t cut myself a break.

This echos my circling of trust. And it is a mantra as I gear up for 8 events in the next 20 days.

Right now my energy is amazing – the past few days I’ve been cruising through running miles and work tasks and keeping up with everything. It feels easy because I feel good. When I took a small break today, I sat outside and faced the sun. I gave myself a few minutes to sit there soaking it in. I listened to the world around me. I kept my phone off.

I did what Rachel calls a 2-minute hunt for ease without even knowing I was doing so. And I didn’t make that connection until I wrote this just now.

So over the next few days, when I’m not feeling so hot, and things feel more difficult, I can remind myself to stay the course, but also take a rest. Take 2 minutes to hunt for ease, call a friend, close my eye or doodle a thought, and know that I am being with what is and that is ease.