Sundays Are For (Week 16)

by justine


…for hang-overs and blueberry pancakes and 2-hour naps before 2pm. Football playoff games and Taco Bell for lunch and Jimmy Kimmel on the DVR. For walking the dog and a day off from running and reading a new book.

I finished Slammerkin early last week.

It was a good book, but not a great. It is staying with me though. It’s a book I wish I had a book club to read it with – there was so much more in there than I was picking up on, or that my own head could piece together. It took a turn I didn’t expect, not with the ending, but how we’d get there. My main character is both someone to love and hate, and made me think about co-dependent people or how deeply shame can alter our perceptions of the world, and our reactions to it.

Overall, I’m glad I read it… and I was having trouble picking the next book.

Yesterday my sister and I took a trip to the library and I picked up a few books. I’ve settled into Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts of Faith by Anne Lamott. Something about “faith” is calling my attention in general, the way someone’s conversation in a public place can distract you from the conversation at hand. I’m not sure why my ear is interested, or really what I’m hearing, but I keep following it.

But for now I hope you had a lovely weekend. This week is another doozy, but next week is the worst. Luckily I have two 3-day weekends in my future. And a whole lot of reading. xo