I don’t care where I die, I care where I live…

by justine

Charlie: You know what made me ready?

Jude: No. What?

Charlie: The body on the heath. I told you about it, didn’t I? I watched them digging around in the muck and the rain for two days and I kept thinking, What a fucking life this is! No way out except feet first. I was ready to slip my wrists, and I probably would have done it except that you appeared, and I remembered the way I felt about you when I first saw you. I remembered feeling as though something miraculous was happening, as though I was reclaiming something I’d lost. And I thought, If I believe in one miracle I may as well believe in them all. Even Oscar’s. Even his talk about the Imajica, and the Dominions in the Imajica, and the people there, and the cities. I just thought, Why not… embrace it all before I lose the chance? Before I’m a body lying out in the rain.

Jude: You won’t die in the rain.

Charlie: I don’t care where I die, Jude, I care where I live, and I want to live in some kind of hope. I want to live with you.

Excerpt from Imajica by Clive Barker pg 196 in the 2002 soft-cover edition.