7 Months & 7 Days

by justine

We’re not officially celebrating until Saturday – H has a scavenger hunt + dinner thing planned. No idea really, and the control freak in me is like TELL ME WHAT WE’RE DOING, but I’m trying to enjoy the possibilities. Trust and all..

After a work day filled with random stuff, I got stuck in major traffic… I mean, 2 hours to go my normal 13 miles / 30min. It was stupid. Basically gave up and parked in a neighborhood to wait it out… 2 miles from my apartment. So dumb.

Once home though, family life greeted me. H ordered the most beautiful bouquet of flowers of our 10 years together and my sister made us homemade fajitas and cupcakes with three different types of frosting (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry). I am one spoiled girl.

The craziest thing is today is our 7 month and 7 day wedding anniversary – and we just happened to get married on 7.7! How fun is it that it falls on Valentine’s Day? Yay.

Been getting my bearings back, now that I’m feeling better, and today was just delightful. I feel so loved.

Hope you and yours are wonderful xo