What I learned…from a stylist

by justine

What I learned from working with a stylist to revamp my wardrobe:

I have a serious thing for blue, particularly navy. The good news is navy is an awesome neutral. The bad news is, I need to make sure I buy something else besides the blue-ish option.

I really love dresses. They’re easy to throw on, keep me cool (I hate feeling overheated) and when they fit right, they flatter my build perfectly.

In line with point number one, my current color pallet is that of a peacock’s tail – teal, blue, darker blue, black, purple, and greens. I was amazed when Jess pointed this out, but of course she’s right. And what an interesting concept – that I have a style I didn’t even know I had – and that, while I have no idea how to articulate it, I know what I like. It also just happens that the color I went with for the bridemaids’ dresses this past summer is called peacock.

From listening to Jess talk about trendier looks, I started to see the patterns from store to store. Whether it was a super high-end boutique or a every day department store, I could see this season’s trends (bright colors like nectarine orange, peach cream and mint, denim shirts, and skinny pants with layered, baggier tops). I feel more confident that I can go into a store a year from now, pick out what’s trendy, and add a piece or two to update my style.

Layer is going to take my look to a new level. Jess said that the difference between looking like I “just threw something on” and actually looking like I am wearing an outfit is to layer pieces. This isn’t easy for me but I’m confident I can learn.

Attitude, as with anything, is everything. I’m glad I had this reminder, as I struggle with dips in self-confidence, and now I see my clothing as I way to lift myself up, rather than hide myself away until I feel better.

If I never wear outfits that are above the simple graphic t-shirt, jeans and flats, then I’ll always feel like I’m over-dressed in anything else. But if I wear cuter / trendier / styled outfits more often, it will make sense (to me and to others) when I’m wearing, say, a dress to go out for lunch with H or heels to work. While I’m always talking about lowering my bar, when it come to style, I need to bump it up a notch.

The high of wearing a new outfit and feeling awesome is so underrated. Note to self: grab a random piece of new clothing more often.

Next time most of my pants don’t fit for well over a year, I should just buy new pants. Nothing beats actually fitting into my clothes instead of just feeling blah about the old ones that don’t fit anymore. (Substitute pants for any item of clothing, including socks and bras, new bedding and haircuts).

The oldest thing I got rid of, I think, was a pair of American Eagle jeans I’ve had for 12 years, give or take. I’ve had them longer than I’ve been with H or lived in LA. They went through high school, college, snowstorms in Boston, and feeling stressed in LA. And while I am so thankful for their service – it was time for them to go. (See top photo)

I plan to report back in a few weeks, hopefully with some outfit photos, to see how I’m doing. So far, so good.

(You can grab a few style tips from the gal who helped me: Hell or High Fashion)