by justine

It seems part of the “thing that gets me in its grips” is terrible pms. I felt awful this weekend, just as I did a month ago. Wednesday I took a bath and a nap, Saturday another bath, and while I rallied to go out, I ended up crying that evening.

It felt gut-wrenching and stupid at the same time.

There seems to be no way around it right now. Exercise and sleep help, but the anxiety through my bloodstream pumped up my heart. Yet I was too exhausted to run. In fact, I skipped most of my scheduled runs last week, including my long run.

And then, somewhere yesterday afternoon, it started to dissipate, and I felt better. And today I felt pretty great. It sucked that it overlapped a weekend, but I was also glad I didn’t need to take a day off. The hang with my friend on Friday helped, but it carried through most of the weekend.

All I can do is mark these moments, record what helped (baths, sleep, hugs) and wait it out. It seems silly that I can’t do anything to prevent it or lessen its hold on me, but not fighting it seems to be the fastest way out.

With 4 weeks of travel coming up, and a bunch of events, I’m hoping I’m on the upswing.


How do you deal with these (monthly) mood swings? Any tips? xo