Boston Work Trip

by justine

Quick trip to Boston. Majorly packed schedule. Already having an issue with Google Calendar translating my schedule between East and West coast. Working 9-12hr days and then going out to dinner with friends or colleagues. Not sure why I did this to myself but man, productive trip. Waiting to see if one of my larger work projects gets green-lit to move forward. I have a feeling it’ll get caught up in red tape (things always do).

I realize so much of my purpose when I’m on-site is to mediate, translate and empathize with everyone. It makes me feel purposeful. While the work I do for my job is important, sometimes I think the real deal is making my co-workers / bosses’ lives easier.

Which ties to this random blog post I read this week about “leaving things better than you found them”. I can’t find the link right now, but it’s a new mantra to carry with me.

Here’s to hoping I do that on this trip.