Sundays Are For (Week 21)

by justine

Today was for…

A three mile walk through the beach town, where Carter didn’t love his encounter with a pitbull but otherwise, was fairly easy to walk with. Guitar playing by H – lots of Iron & Wine and Tom Petty. Taking photos. Feeling stressed out (maybe PMS?) and trusting it would pass. It did. Abandoning the idea that H would drive up to work and get stuff done. Instead he suggested we go to the Montana district of Santa Monica, walk around and eat. I stopped into the Jonathan Adler store. We ate at Babalu – omelet for him, salmon plate for me. Picked up a few groceries in Whole Foods our of laziness. Enjoyed the quiet. Avoided napping. Sipped tea. Looked at houses online. Cooked dinner. Read a few blogs and watched a video of Austin Kleon speaking.

You can enjoy it too below:

UX Week 2012 | Austin Kleon | Steal Like An Artist from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

You can add to the conversation on Instagram by tagging your pics: #sundaysarefor or linking to your own blog posts. Hope your Sunday was wonderful. We’re back to work after two weeks of spring break (for him) and travel for work (for me). The quiet time at the office and home will be enjoyed. The 5:30am alarm – not so much.