All We Can Ask

by justine

Today was shit. Yesterday wasn’t much better.

And so you call friends, and see your therapist, and then torture yourself with Googling too much. And then you walk the dog, and you avoid caffeine and you thank the universe for a cancelled meeting. You check email and you take a nap and you go out to dinner.

When things from your past come up, surfacing like a giant sea monster, fins rippling under waters, it’s all you can do to not be sucked into the deep. And when interactions with people around you feel too abrasive, you give stock responses and call another friend, maybe two. And drink lots of water. And hope for the best.

Because it all seemed like a good idea at the time. And even though you’re a different person now, it doesn’t discount or change who you were then. Even though you loved with all of your heart. The girl who wrestled with big things also wrote the sweet little note above, for you.

For us.

Because we’re doing the best we can. And that’s all we can ask of ourselves.