Sundays Are For (Week 24)

by justine




Sleeping in 3 hours past weekday wake-ups, but still up before 9AM. A trip to the dog park for Carter Cash while I sit in the car talking to my mom. Brunch at our favorite local joint, where we sit at the counter for the first time. The vat of whipped butter is a surprise and the bustle of the workers is impressive. For $21 we both get french toast, sausage or bacon, two eggs and coffee. Perfection. A quick walk around the farmer’s market and we head home.

Afterwards, I feel cranky. Even though I’ve had  a mug of coffee, I am tired. The past two weeks had been all sorts of odd energy. We planned to ride down to the beach, but instead, I lay down on the couch and fall asleep for two hours.

H does work, straightens up and takes a shower. My nap is blissful and exactly what I needed. Once I’m up again, I have energy to go out.

We ride down to the ocean to find it’s a lot foggier than we expected, almost cold. We find a free bike rack, lock them up, pick up some wine at the store, and head out onto the beach. It’s so relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating. Hands down best way to bring me back to myself. And it reminded me of this Sunday back in September – Sundays Are For (Week 8)

On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store for a few items (I’ve gotten really back at doing larger grocery runs), showered, and ate frozen pizza. Then I video chatted with a friend in NYC – she used to be my boss before she relocated. She’s awesome & I miss her. It was so smart of us to video chat, her with wine and me with my pizza. WHY didn’t we do this sooner?!

And now it’s the quiet hour, where I eat some strawberries and H studies for a grad school final, and Carter lays on the couch, watching us. Our apartment is a mess and other things are up in the air, but right now, life is awesome.

Happy Sunday to you too xo