Just A Day, Like Any Other

by justine



It’s a hot one.

Up early to cook H bacon and eggs for breakfast. Just had an urge. Cleaned the kitchen, washed dishes, vacuumed the apartment upstairs and down. This was a good thing, since I didn’t have energy to clean last week.

By 7am it was *hot*. Walked Carter, he was panting. Listened to a podcast. Chatted with friends via GChat, read emails, started a data-entry project.

Kicked data entry project’s ass, though I’m still not done. Elbow hurts from all the clicking. Launched emails for another project. Threw away sticky notes with To Dos listed on them – satisfyingly crumpling them.

Ate leftovers and hung out with H, who was home early with his grad school finals. Received some news via text, but nothing we can move forward with. Watched an episode of MadMen. Didn’t write my morning pages. Took a how shower and then finished it with cooler water. Suggested Yogurtland and then decided against it.

Lit a candle and wrote this.

And that’s how my Monday went. Some of the finer details…

The cool, clean air on a quick walk this morning with Carter, before the sun was up. The cobwebs in the drop ceiling near our bathroom hallway. The many glasses of water with ice cubes I drank today. How Carter needs a bath but I just gave him his flea meds, which created a greasy mohawk of fur between his shoulder blades.

I watched Austin Kleon and read this by Amy Oscar and watched this about the overview effect. How lucky I am that I can do mindless “work” and then take breaks absorbing inspiring information about the world around me. How Austin’s “show your work” is supported by Amy sharing her experiences as she learns from them to the idea that we’re all in this together… the cognitive shift that occurs from seeing the Earth from space.

And how much I want my days to be the smallest moments of watching a monarch butterfly cross our path on a walk, and yet, spending so much of my time doing my job is depressing. So when I say, there’s got to be more than this, that is what I mean.

I want more butterflies, more early wake-ups to cook H breakfast, more writing… and much less data entry.

One can dream, no? xo