Monthly Nutshell – May 2013

by justine


This month was kind of a bitch – naht gonna lie. Surprised I even got 14 posts up. There was pretty cool stuff too, so I guess it wasn’t that bad. Could be worse… could always be worse 🙂

But the month did start really shitty. And it’s really all we can ask of ourselves.

Then I felt better. I thought about kindness, especially self-kindness.  And I cleaned the house. We received tickets to a concert (thanks to my sister again!) And snails started appearing, telling me to go slowly. I can’t believe I only posted one snail photo, because I definitely took more than 10.

We put offers in on two houses. I didn’t blog about this. The signs were there though. You can’t beat a black and white photo of Carter Cash.

And then it was Mother’s Day. I wrote my mom this post, even though no one in my family reads my blog (yet – hoping to change that soon). And after more stress of house hunting, H and I hit the beach, as you do.

For some reason, I cleaned more, and then chained myself to my desk for end-of-the-fiscal-year data entry. Carter was not pleased with how boring our days were.

We spent a full day in the sun for the Doheny Blues Festival.

And then, I cut my hair off!