Patio Garden, Finally

by justine




Memorial Day weekend I finally got my butt to Loew’s and purchased some plants. (I mean, it’s only been OVER A YEAR since the inklings of a garden began). I wasn’t in a great mood, but H helped with the overwhelm. We picked out one basil plant, one small grape tomato plant and one large tomato plant, plus a few tiny succulents ( I want 100 of them)

They were all transplanted into large bowls and pots with really no knowledge of what we’re doing. But I figure the plants themselves will show signs of what they need, and if all fails, they were cheaper than the pots, which we can put new plants in, if necessary.

But today was the shining moment. When I checked the plants this morning, I saw two tiny little green tomatoes, no bigger than the end of my pinky finger, sprouting away. ::Success::

I’m a tad worried we’ve over-watered in the past two days (H is actually into this project and gunning to water everything all the time) but I think they’ll recover. Since we were hit with “June gloom” recently, I was worried we wouldn’t get any tomatoes, but here they are.

All three plants smell amazing, and getting outside into fresh air and picking through their leaves focuses me in a way other household chores do not. It’s so relaxing and nourishing to check on them each day.

Seeing this as the beginning of a very long and deep love affair.