Update: Haircut

by justine

Last month, I cut my hair off on a whim.

It was probably a year since my last hair cut and it had gotten so long it felt gross. When I realized it was long enough to donate to Locks of Love, I jumped at the chance. Donating it takes the sadness away from the shock. Like 12 inches shorter…

And I’d like to note here that I am not normally freaking out about my haircuts. My hair is wavy, so it hides shitty cuts well, and it grows so darn fast in the SoCal heat that even a disaster will grow out in a month.

So what’s working?

  • Showers are short and easy. No more struggling to get gobs of shampoo out of my hair.
  • The time it takes me to get ready is much shorter. And no blowdryer needed.
  • When people compliment me on it, it seems random, like they truly want to say “Gah! I love your hair!”
  • Way less choices with how to wear it.
  • Only needing a hat when I go running. None of this braids / hair-ties / ponytails business.
  • Waking up from naps, having it blown out from the wind on a car ride, and it still looking good.
  • The curlier / bigger hair, the better.

What’s not so awesome?

  • Way less choices with how to wear it. It’s either down and curly or falling out of a very small ponytail.
  • I don’t love it. I’m not sure why. I love the idead of it. I enjoy the compliments, but it doesn’t truly feel like me yet.
  • Having it in / on my face and neck so much.
  • Sunburn on my scalp!
  • Thinking that I either need it longer (right past my shoulders) or even shorter (which is kind of a scary thought right now)

It is truly odd, though, to have a haircut where most of the time I think it looks like crap and yet, all of the feedback I’m receiving about it is super positive. Not sure what to make of that, but it’s the biggest observation I’ve made so far.

What about you? Have you ever gone with a radical hairstyle change and felt unsure about it?