by justine



We went out bowling with friends last Friday. I am not a great bowler, but I like going. I mean, who doesn’t love wearing odd shoes, throwing heavy balls down a lane and simultaneously laughing at and cheering on friends?

My games were going fine, nothing too crazy, until my one friend decided to pair us off into teams to up the ante. He put H and I on opposite teams, ignoring my competitive nature. It was on.

On like donkey kong.

I bowled the best freakin’ game of my life. 156 points AND A TURKEY. That is 3 – THREE – strikes in a ROW for those of you who don’t bowl. The gods of bowling parted the stale-popcorn-air of this Disney-music-filled alley and blessed my little head.

Victory was had. Victory was sweet. And it was short lived.

I bowled a 99 in my next game. But for that one game, I kicked some bowling butt. That’s just how I roll.