The Great Gatsby

by justine

Forgot to include this in my recent obsessions last week, but OMG if I am not obsessed with the newest Great Gatsby movie. We saw it a few weeks ago, back when I wasn’t feeling so hot. Of course, the doomed love story didn’t help my mood.

The costumes, the set design, the acting and the music. I loved it all.

And there’s something so heartbreaking about Gatsby’s love, his obsession with Daisy, and his inability to let the past go.

I am a die-hard Leo DiCaprio fan, and am continually impressed with the roles he’s taken on recently. But this one, Gatsby, was a throw back to his Romeo and Juliet days. The unadulterated  naive and pristine love Gatsby has for Daisy… it’s devastating.

So I wanted to share this Lana Del Rey song from the soundtrack and the movie… because putting this on repeat gets me as close to that emo-teenage girl we’ve all been sometime in our past.

This article from the Village Voice blog – Lana Del Rey’s ‘Great Gatsby’ Greatness: Maybe Her Second Act Actually Doesn’t Suck – sums it up for me.

For good measure: did you see the Tiffany Jazz Age collection?! I even tried one on… eek!