Update: Patio Garden

by justine






Well – the patio garden is doing pretty amazing. It’s been a month and they’re growing! We have about 5 large tomatos, all green. The grape tomato plant just began flowering last week and has tons of little buds. And the basil plant is lush and green.

The heat is helping, I think. We learned to water them all more often. H is always asking me if I’ve watered them that day, and if I haven’t, he’ll take the water can and go to it. Love that he cares about them. I hardly forget to do the watering, though they do need some trimming. I let the basil grow a bit too much, it began to flower. Cut those right off. The grape tomato plant needs a stake to grown on too.

Overall, they are doing really well. And smell amazing. I am impressed. There really is something rewarding about growing things.

How are your summer gardens growing?