Sundays Are For (Week 26)

by justine

A beach day, in Hermosa, with friends. Metered parking and paid lots. H willing to drive around to find parking. Missing the traffic on both ends, somehow. Citron vodka out of a flask, daiquiri frozen packets and beer. Lots of random food. T had apples. G had snickerdoodles we all thought was cake mix in the box. Tossing the frisbee and our feet burning in the white-hot sand. The breeze off the ocean and calm. The waves crashing on the shore. My sister dancing on me with her saggy bathing suit bottom. Hysterical laughter. And iPhone sitting in a Solo cup, acting as a speaker. Standing in the water, letting the waves rush around our ankles, our feet sinking into the squishy sand as S spoke about her life. We needed a catch up.

Dipping my head under the waves, the feeling of being cleansed by the cold salt water. Summer.

The camaraderie, the community feeling about the day. Check another item off my Summer Manifesto. I love my friends so much. Each person’s unique way of being, their talents and voices. I am one of my best selves when around them. My body relaxes, my mind quiets down. They’ve got it all covered and just need me to be, like what the ocean asks of me. To just be there with it, the rolling in and out, the tide changing, the pelicans sailing on their lofty wings.