River Trip

by justine

That last photo pretty much sums up our weekend trip to the Salt River in Arizona. It also explains the dirty footprints on the ceiling of my sister’s car.

I like to think of this as the trip where I make up for not attending traditional college, but the truth is, this time I chose the adult decision left and right.

Why stay up drinking on the Saturday evening of a group trip when you can be passed out sober on an air mattress at 11pm? Why order an alcoholic beverage when you can have ice water? Why eat a whopper at Burger King when you can order a (very lame) salad?

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t go to college where people major in day-drinking.

Still, this trip was rad.

It was one of those weekends where I’m so happy we have a cool group of friends. Friends that do things like annual trips. This trip started with a 6hr car ride, and ended with the same. In between we celebrated a friend’s dirty 30, played Cards Against Humanity (a card game for horrible people) and had cherry bomb Jello-shots. We sweated it out in the Arizona heat – Hello 105 degrees – listened to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and country music, pasted Avengers and Disney fake tattoos on our arms and ended the night at Metal Head, an 80s rock cover band.

The best part was the insane laughter during Cards Against Humanity. The worst part was the bruise on my knee (see photo 4 above). The thing I thought about the most was being in the moment and how I’m getting too old for this kind of partying. I’m hoping a group trip to Sequoia this fall is more relaxing, though this weekend was by far the calmest of the three river trips I’ve attended.

I’m thankful for my sister being able to join us, H covering for me when I went to bed early, and friends who are organized. Who wouldn’t want a Dunkin’ Donuts stop??

There’s also nothing better than cold beer when you’re under a hot sun. Checking this weekend off the Summer Manifesto.