day 1: breakfast

by justine


We’ve arrived safely on the East Coast this morning (9 AM EDT, 6 AM PDT) after a very long flight. Red-eyes are never as quick or restful as you hope. This time we had the added frustration of someone’s screaming baby. For two straight hours. Sleep didn’t happen.

Luckily I had some energy to write and listen to podcasts.

H’s dad picked us up and I slept on the car ride home. I’m writing this from my in-law’s new house – this is the first time I’ve seen it. It’s fabulous. It’s been raining, which is such a treat. If there’s one thing I miss from the East coast it’s thunderstorms.

H’s step-mom made the egg bake above – so delicious, the perfect food to fuel you after a night of sleepless travel. At some point, I took a 3-hour nap that I wasn’t sure I could get up from.

And now the late afternoon sun is coming out, the wet ground heating up, turning the air even muggier than before. We’re watching the 3rd Harry Potter, cooking dinner and possibly going with H’s sister to trivia night.

I am tired, but we’re officially on vacation.