Hello August

by justine

Ah, August. The late summer, the winding down of a season into another… except that here in Los Angeles, it’s just the beginning of the wicked heat.

So far, our summer’s been awesome. We’ve done a lot of fun things, but also it’s just been amazing to spend quality time with H. His job and grad school are all-consuming during the school year, so the summer is always a great time for us to make up for that.

While for some reason I am pining away for Fall, I know I want to enjoy these days too. Writing this from my in-laws in Pennsylvania, where it’s muggy out. Can’t say that about LA.

Funny all of the places life takes you.

This month involves two cross-country plane rides, a good bit of work, and a quick hit of the reset button. I’m participating in August Break again and so looking forward to it.

Much love xo