Boston Summer

by justine

Returned from Boston last Thursday evening, after a very pleasant JetBlue flight. The trip felt long, probably b/c I was visiting friends the weekend before I worked. And I never seemed to switch time zones, so extreme sleepiness would hit around 3pm each day, and then I’d feel wired around 11pm.

This trip feels too big to write about (though not much happened). I’m going to steal a template from Amy Tangerine to see if I can cover it all…

Digging: Boston in the summer, a run along the Charles river, staying at a friends house (house!), getting to dance to Tom Boates Everybody, traveling alone, using said friend’s Keurig, daily workouts (even if they were short), seeing friends, and walking back to the hotel along my old “commute” that I took from my South End apartment to college.

Not digging: the culture of my workplace. There are some really cool people and then some not-so-cool people. Turbulence on the flight home. Humidity.

Drinking: a delish white wine, 5 cucumber collins (it was a long night), soda, gross well vodka drinks, tea,  sangria, lattes and chai. And probably not enough water.

Eating: bacon-wrapped figs, a bucket of mussels, catered food for work meetings, a bagel with lox, chinese food, an entire order of nachos myself, sushi and salad.

Watching: I was bad and watched a marathon of the Real Housewives of Atlanta on the plane ride home. Plus the movie The Ant Bully. Neither were great, but at least it made the flight feel fast.

Wearing: all of the cute dresses I own now from being styled, plus a new one that I love.

Reading: Made To Stick (for work)

Feeling: overwhelmed, wired but tired, good overall. Nostalgic, but also so happy that we live in LA.

Weather: 80s, humidity and general mugginess. Felt like I was underwater the last day. Definitely August on the east coast.

Wanting: to spend more time with my awesome coworkers and a girlfriend who is moving to Chicago.

Needing: sleep! I experienced some manic jet-lag and hardly slept the entire trip.

Thinking: my new boss could be the best thing to happen to my department in a long while. I want to create cleaning and meal plans for the apartment.

Wishing: it wasn’t back-to-school so soon. That H and I could visit Boston together.

Hoping: it’s nice, crisp fall weather on my next work trip. And that my new boss ends up rocking the house.

Enjoying: spending time with my good friend, who moved from LA back in December. Just getting time to chat with her, napping pool-side in the sun and dancing all night with her was awesome.

Loving: how my friend’s pup put her little paw on me, like she didn’t want me to leave. Recording video footage with a coworker and our dynamic duo performance. The entire day of Public Narrative workshop.

The workshop was, by far, the highlight of the work aspect of my trip. All of my non-work time was just phenomenal – I’m lucky I get to hang out with such awesome people.