Taking The Offense

by justine

It’s that time of year again… Flea season.

This time, we’re taking the offense. To sum it up, here’s an excerpt from an email to a friend re: this dog-owner chaos (though I’ll take a moment to figuratively knock on wood – so far, we’re doing much better than last year).

Also note that I ignore punctuation in emails and the below is rated above PG13 in language, but it definitely sums up how I feel:

The flea thing is balls. I hate it. Last year was much worse b/c we didn’t deal with it soon enough – but this year I am taking the offense. The vet last year said vacuuming, nuking their stuff in the dryer (like doggie beds) and baths help…topical yes… and basically picking them off. Carter knows the command “you got bugs?” and he lays on his side spread-eagle — poor kid. I probably spend an collective hour a day looking at his under carriage.
The only thing that helped last year – b/c we have carpet – is this: Diatomaceous earth – apparently it’s a fine sediment (?) and they use it to kill bugs in food like grains stored in towers… so you can breathe it, eat it, rub it on your skin and it won’t hurt you — but it dries those flea suckers out… of course b/c it’s so fine, it leaves a white powder residue all over your stuff like a fucking crime scene investigation — but that helped a ton last year. Haven’t used it this year yet. Fingers crossed I don’t have to.
I would say the worst part about the flea issue is that my husband doesn’t seem to think this is a BIG DEAL situation. Also, I get all the bites. *awesome*

So ya. Good times. Here’s to your weekend being a little less buggy than mine. xo