August Break Recap

by justine


For the month of August, I followed prompts and took a photo (or a 5) a day for an online challenge created by Susannah Conway called August Break. Looking at the photo grid above, I am really happy with the results.

Buuuttttttt…. I didn’t love doing it.

It’s supposed to be a great excuse to take a break from serious blogging over a summer month, but since I’d just gotten into the swing of posting via an editorial calendar in July, it was mostly a distraction. Aka – total derail. And I started to dread it. I stopped on day 21.

What I learned from all of this is that scheduling blog content and pre-posting (by a day or two) is actually more engaging for me than the “pressure” of taking photos and posting daily. I also love love love collecting* all of these photos in the calendar grid as a recap of the month. That’s definitely a bonus. And I started following some lovely women on Instagram I found only because of the hashtag. Live and learn.

You can see all of my August Break posts here. *Calendar grid made with the Collect App – free in the iTunes app store. I don’t :heart: it, but it works.

Did you participate in August Break this year or something similar before? How was your experience?