Two of the Nugget

by justine

Here’s two of the little nugget for this hot and windy Saturday here in SoCal. This week was tiring – the first one where I really felt like tucking in for the fall season despite the heat. We didn’t sleep well a few nights. One morning H couldn’t get his alarm to shut off. I made myself exercise, but wasn’t excited for it. And even though I was home every night, I still felt exhausted, like I couldn’t get enough energy to fill my reserves.

Spent the morning making a DIY photo booth background – blatantly copied the one in the link with the crepe paper colors our Party City had in stock. It came out good enough, which in my pursuit of creative play, seems to be the best way to go. It’s not amazing. It’s not perfect. But it’s done.

Headed off to a friend’s 30th birthday / going away party… mostly looking forward to my sister’s Fireball whiskey Jell-O shots.