3 of 52, Year of Ocean

by justine









With so much going on at work, it’s a blessing I can walk on the beach in between meetings, lunches and emails. This day it was nice and warm out, the sun setting strongly on the horizon. The tide was far out, the lowest of the low, probably due to the full moon the day before.

What I remember is the birds running along the wet sand, sticking their straw-like noses in and sipping their dinners. I remember H calling me, asking where I was. When I said “the beach” I braced myself for a rude reply (even though he would never). When he said “oh, cool” I relaxed – and thought about why I expect to be scolded for living my life.

For taking a few minutes to walk the beach at low tide.

There was a group of tweens in wetsuits, heading out into the bright, calm water for surf lessons. I wanted to join them, but instead, picked up my wallet and boots, and walked back to my car.

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