Fake First Day of Summer

by justine

The longer I live in LA, the more I fucking love June.

H finishes up school, our friends who are teachers also have summer break, the days are longer, the sun wakes me up at 5:30am through the sliding glass door, the heat feels good in my bones, and I have more energy. So much more energy.

As we biked to Venice Beach yesterday, It reminded me of June 1st 2013. And all of June 2013 last year – when I felt like I finally surfaced from the fog that was the first half of the year, and started enjoying my life.

And I realize now as I write this that the act of taking these photos, of noticing my life, gives value to where I’m at, allowing myself to do what I want with these precious minutes I’m given each day. And it brings creative fulfillment, which brings me deep happiness with myself and my life. ~ 6.28.14

And this year, Astrobarry’s horoscope for Pisces:

Your monthly fresh-start provided by Wednesday’s new moon is even more of an internal one than usual, Pisces… meaning that I strongly encourage you to take a few moments mid-week to consciously reset your emotional barometer, silently identifying and tapping into the overall attitudinal sense you’d most like to feel throughout the lunar-cycle ahead, and then imprinting that intention onto your inner self-regulating process. With both Venus and Mercury moving into more explicitly extroverted zones of your solar-chart during the week ahead, you can expect your attentions to become more immediately impacted by the social goings-on, who you’re hanging with and what’s up with them—and, if you haven’t taken the advice I’m offering above, you could easily find yourself carried away on a wave of pleasant-enough chit-chat… which could inspire you to totally forget the very considerations that are most personally important for you to hold close to your heart, as part of your individual process at this time…”

That’s what is feels like – resetting my emotional barometer. How perfect is that? And that’s exactly how it feels – an emotional reboot. Yes.

So welcome, June – it’s so good to see you again.