Something Bubbling (a bud of a thing)

by justine

Today I had the pleasure of a call with Heidi Taylor. She and I met through an online class and hit if off via the topics of self-awareness and HSP.

See, the past two weeks, I’ve been thinking about the following:
– My innate abilities
– Being an INFJ, and using diplomatic empathy
– What my definition of success is
– How coaching is a skill, not necessarily a business
– My own through-line
– What my niche could be
– The emotional experience of life as opposed to the concrete / logical experience of life

I shared some of the above with Heidi. She called me out on self-sabotaging language with a smile. And suggested the word strategist.

It comes jumbled. I’m feeling the need to dig down, to study, to follow my nose… about what exactly, I’m not sure yet.

Do I want to register for coaching certification? Do I want to hire a life-coach? What freebies can I create that will draw people in? What steps does it take to move forward? How do I expand my blog into a website? Who are my right people? What am I building?

And basically, how do I get paid to do what I do well, with the people I want to work with?

All of this comes from the past 6 months of living, from turning thirty, and I’m sure the impending shift of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

A small voice says, “you can take the next 2 years and build this.” (“But what is this”? another asks)

I’m feeling the need for flexibility and a back-up plan. I’m feeling the need to pursue something for myself again.

I throw ideas out to H and he helps as he can – from a teacher viewpoint of ideas for series or lessons. I’ve started a separate notebook for blog ideas. I’m keeping a list of sites that inspire me, ones I’d like to emulate.

I’m sharing this here, with you. Placing the marker, putting up the sign post. So you can say, I heard it here first.