by justine

This week was rough. Some combination of exhaustion + pms + work events left me napping almost every afternoon, relying on friends, and in tears a few of the days. (Yes, even though I don’t feel like I’m being punched anymore, I still have bad days). Still, I stumbled upon some cool, share-worthy items out in the internets, and I post them below for your reading pleasure.

Happy solstice!

Each body mitten is hand-knitted by celibate Virgos using hypo-allergenic squirrel wool inter-woven with strands of unicorn hair that were marinated in lavender oil infused with emerald powder.

Hahaha. So funny.

You may know Mercury is retrograde (and if you have felt completely crazy the past 2+ weeks, this could be why). The Mercury Retrograde Body Mitten could be just the answer! This tongue-in-cheek post went viral and the author writes a response to its popularity here – Smitten By The Mitten.

I don’t watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon but H found the Ragtime Gals, Jimmy’s barbershop quartet segments (I know, I know. I’m always late to the barbershop quartet parties) and I about died laughing. I love that Fallon loves music and brings it into so much of his comedy. Watch him sing Talk Dirty To Me with Kevin Spacey. His show also features these epic lip-syncing battles – see Emma Stone win here.

I love the Internet, and this link is exactly why – Know Your Meme, y’know, just in case you didn’t.

There’s this literary map to end all literary maps. And a guide to Literary L.A.

Our favorite diner, Pepy’s Galley, is closing. ::hysterically crying emoji:: They’re being kicked out by new building owners who plan to renovate the attached bowling alley – but all our neighborhood sees is the loss of a 40 year old west LA landmark. The (breakfast) food is delish, it’s the best coffee I’ve ever had, the staff is speedy and it’s cash only. H and I love to eat at the bar and watch the bustle of the back counter… it’s part of our weekending, where we usually get into our longest conversation-sans-electronics in a week. While there are petitions to save or relocate the restaurant, it doesn’t look good.

I listened to The Lively Show podcast featuring Esme Wang while I walked 3m around Boston last week. I love Esme’s idea of radical sincerity, and even though I read her book, it wasn’t until I heard her speak about it on the podcast that I truly understood what she meant. Radical sincerity is NOT radical honesty, but instead “a conversation about authenticity and vulnerability”. Take a listen and/or peruse around her site – it’s gorgeous & full of elegant, powerful writing.

And, even though I am sooooooo not following the World Cup, this longer read by my Stef’s boyfriend, Carlos Foglia, delighted me. My Father is My Most Unforgettable World Cup Memory.

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