#30daysofdresses – day 5

by justine

In where I fail the challenge, on day 5, but still keep going.

Last week’s dresses were working really well and then OCTOBER HEAT WAVE.

You’d think that dresses are made for heat waves, but most of the ones I own are a bit on the fancier side, and not, as my mom would said, made for “knocking around the house in”.

Friday I found myself exhausted from the Jimmy Eat World show the night before, working from home, and it very hot outside.

I had a lovely morning with the dog – we went to the dog park, ate breakfast at a Coffee Bean, donated stuff at Goodwill, went to the postoffice, bank and CVS. Both work meetings cancelled, which always makes me so happy, and I basically sat at the kitchen table all day, doing work.

The shorts and tank top above is what I pulled on to go to the dog park in, and I didn’t change until 9pm that evening when I finally took a shower.

So, no dress for this day, but nothing to stress about. I wasn’t going to lie or put on a dress for 10min just to complete the challenge. Instead I’m choosing to share my day and continue on.

Some days are just meant for shorts and tank tops, others for jeans and t-shirts, others for dresses or leggings or scarves. Some days my clothes are a reflection of my mood, some days my personality and some days they’re just filling a practical purpose. As I write this, I’m still in my pajamas, sitting on my bed, H running laundry and Carter sprawled out panting from the dog park.

Whatever the case, I’m documenting what I wore, and getting to see that over a full month is going to be pretty cool.

Plus, there’s plenty of dresses in my closet to fill in the gap.

Tank top is Kohl’s (yes, I shop in the Juniors section). Shorts are Aeropostale, which fit again thanks to all that rock climbing and HIIT.

PS – Happy birthday to my brother ❤