#30daysofdresses – day 18

Snapped this in the bathroom at Ellis Island Casino in Las Vegas Friday night.

H and I drove in that night, met up with my family and headed out to Ellis Island. We ate cheap diner food, they drank a lot of beer and we stalked the karaoke bar, which had a wait-list of 20 people and where no one was good.

We stayed out till 3am and I was glad I wore this dress, because again… pajamas.

I keep snapping these pictures with jackets on so you can’t see the full dress. If you’re keeping up with this challenge to actually see the dresses, I apologize. I have to say, I am not really cut out for 30 day challenges like this. (I’m getting tired of posts about me too haha). And this is how I’ve worn the outfits, so it’s legit.

In case you thought I was, y’know, making stuff up for blog posts.

Dress is from Ann Taylor LOFT from when Jess styled me a year and a half ago. Jacket is from Forever 21 in that same shopping trip. Flip-flops are from Kohl’s forever ago.