Allowing Myself

…to feel, to love, to be.

#30daysofdresses – day 25

Losing steam has meant getting creative.

This black dress is from WetSeal circa 2006. I purchased it in Boston for the end-of-school boozefest.

It’s a party dress, and an almost-skanky one at that. HOWEVER, throw a cardigan over it and voila, instant cute, swishy skirt for modest looking outfit.

Also, excellent hair day.

Dress is WetSeal and so old no one cares. Cardigan is Ann Taylor LOFT.

#30daysofdresses – day 24

This isn’t a very flattering photo. Clearly, I am losing steam. (Don’t think I was cut out for 30 day challenges.)

On this day, I got to speak with my therapist in the morning and my life coach at night… like a real Californian.

Boots are Kohls. Dress is probably Kohls, but it’s too old for me to care. The neckline is the best part and I blocked it with my hand. #fail