Literally, the walking dead

by justine

Happy Halloween from us, the literal walking dead.

We’re kind of obsessed with AMC’s The Walking Dead so when H found a zombie bar crawl, I was all for it.

Cue the fake blood, slashed clothes from the thrift shop and white make-up.

I think we did a damn good job, especially since so many people who attended this ZOMBIE bar crawl didn’t dress as zombies, or even anything.

(Why do people go out on Halloween sans-costume?)

We now have enough fake blood for costumes for ourselves and future kids for the next 5 years. Sheesh.

Fav moments of the night:

Dancing with H at one bar, standing outside under heat lamps chatting with T at another. H pretending to zombie attack our friends while I snapped a photo (major photoboming abilities) Best costumes were fully suited up ghost busters and I spotted more than one Mary Poppins (I’m thinking zombie Mary Poppins is a great outfit for my future costumes list). All four of us eating nachos at the last bar. The downpour of rain. Running back to the car in the rain (it never rains here – this was a big deal!).