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Five Year Plan

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” ~Annie Dillard I believe that small, daily habits build our lives, so of course I love the idea of this 5 year, one-line-per-day journal. Since I received this little book as a Christmas gift (thanks E!) I started January 1st 2015. Each […]

Powering Down

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I haven’t been posting as much lately. I’m super grateful for this space and for you, dear reader. And I find the holiday season sweeps me up and carries me into it’s darker, festive days. So, I’m going to power-down this space for the next few weeks in order to […]

Welcoming December

November was a month full of travel – leaving home for work once and fun twice. December is home-bound all the way. We got back from our Thanksgiving trip to Joshua Tree yesterday afternoon – driving home in the rain that visited SoCal (gosh, we need it). We spent the later afternoon reading (me) and […]


Twas a good week, finally. Yay. Steph was back in town – we walked the neighborhood, watched Elizabeth Gilbert on Super Soul Sunday (highly recommend) and took selfies with Carter Cash. Balance to the Universe restored. I booked a flight, pretty much on a whim, to visit my friend Chelsea in Denver. Hi Chels! We […]

Sad To Be Home, For Once

Usually my “back home” posts are ones I look forward to – full of relief and routine. My last post was written ~12 days ago, and if you’ve been following along, you know ALASKA happened. And Alaska is something that resonated in me so deeply, I am not sure how to tell you about it […]


We know I love dogs (see above). If you’ve ever met Carter Cash, you know he knows a ton of tricks. Sit pretty, speak, hit the bowl, up, off, wag your tail. I kid you not. H claims he’s “the most trained dog” he’s ever owned. I’ve sort of run out of things to teach […]


I spend a lot of time online – reading and absorbing. And I’ve seen how other bloggers post link round-ups, but I hesitate to do the same b/c I don’t want to create more entry points to the black hole of the internet. So I’ve decided to have a (hopefully) weekly post where I collect […]


  I read Alexandra Franzen’s post about being a daymaker. This idea stuck with me as I sat down to write a few thank you notes to speakers at recent events. Then I thought I should send a card to a friend, then a cousin who had a baby, then a connection I’d made at […]

30 Things I Love Right Now

My husband. Because at 11+ years together, being able to call him my husband is so awesome. Carter Cash. I mean, really. Nugget. My siblings living in the same state as me. Seeing my sister multiple times per week. My job. Autonomy, flexibility and made for me. Having enough income – not stressing about bills. […]

7 of 52: Year of Ocean

We’ve had a bought of rain here in SoCal, and while it’s not the snow-mageddon the rest of the country is experiencing this winter, it was quite the change for us. Luckily, we’re fine, our commutes weren’t too crazy, and the storms have passed. But Carter Cash hates rain (avoids getting wet in general) and […]