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Day Alone – Last Bookstore

Since yesterday was Veterans Day (and work was closed) I took Monday off as well, creating a 4-day weekend (after 4 days of travel for work). It was the perfect way to get grounded. I did a HITT exercise, gave the dog a bath and then ran 2m with him. I met a friend pretty […]

Day Alone In Pasadena

Monday I had the day off and decided to go to Pasadena alone. I’m not sure why I wanted to visit Old Pasadena, but the idea popped into my head and off I went. Well, first I had to pick up and return tables from a work event. And I had to drive kind of […]

A Day Alone

I’m taking Abby Kerr’s INFJ Business class, and one of the things I’m learning about is recovery time. How much I need, what tasks require more or less recovery time, and the self-imposed limits I’ve crafted for what is the “correct” recovery time for me (read: hustling / being good enough / work first, play […]

#30daysofdresses – day 27

(Written Monday 10/27/14) What happens when I have a mocha for Sunday brunch (first latte is weeks), plus watch Walking Dead before bed and then our fire alarm goes off at 4:45am on a Monday morning?? Ssstrrrreeeeesssssss. But hey, look, the moon is void all day today, work is lame, and I have new boots. […]

#30daysofdresses – day 14

I had Monday off and decided to take the afternoon and go on a little day trip alone. The best kind. I wore a dress my mom bought me for my honeymoon. It’s strapless, cotton, doesn’t require a bra and has pockets. It’s pretty awesome. Read more about my day alone in Pasadena.

#30daysofdresses – day 11

In where I’m finally feeling better. Ah, relief… When I woke up on this day, I could tell something had shifted. I still felt anxious but I didn’t feel crushed under the weight of a dark cloud. Got up, wrote morning pages, ran 2m with Carter, vacuumed the house (again, the fleas) and had one […]

#30daysofdresses – day 9

The little yellow belt is back…so are the boots. Clearly the best $17 I’ve ever spent at Kohl’s. This dress is my straight forward style – comfy, navy, and an interesting neck and hemline. That’s it really. — If you’ve been following along, I haven’t been doing so well. As I write this, I’m feeling […]

#30daysofdresses – day 8

The heatwave continues to it’s uncomfortable rule over the city. Luckily, this dress is made for hot, hot heat. I originally bought this dress for my engagement dinner July 2010 (same trip as this story) and I’ve worn it a ton since then. Again, no bra required, loose and cool to wear, and super flattering. […]

#30daysofdresses – day 1

Just purchased this dress on Sunday when I went out with Jess of Hell Or High Fashion. I get credit for this one – I found it in Forever 21. I know Jess didn’t pull it because it was exactly in line with my style – blue, cinched at the waist, interesting neck line, elbow-length […]

Summer Nights, School Days

Besides it being post-vacation-blues week, it’s also back to school. H started his 7th year of teaching. Each year I hope he’ll hit the easy groove that experienced teachers do, and then some huge opportunity/challenge presents itself. Two years ago it was a masters program. Last year it was being department chair, a masters program […]