Allowing Myself

…to feel, to love, to be.

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500th Time of Allowing Myself

What I want to tell you is this is my 500th post, and at such a milestone, I wanted to celebrate the way that bloggers do… But I’m realizing more and more how much hustling goes on online, with word-count limits, bullet lists and productivity tricks. I mean, I knew I was avoiding that type […]

Ebb and Flow

If there is an ebb & flow to life, today is an ebb… That’s what I wrote as a caption to the above on Instagram today. Like I mentioned yesterday, I am experiencing event hangover and PMS. Frustrations with not feeling more awesome, sooner. I am proud to say that I talked myself through it […]

Monthly Nutshell – January 2013

Well, January was quite the introduction to 2013, no? Here’s my month is a nutshell in case you missed anything. …said Thank you to 2012 and Welcome to 2013 …wrote nothing is wrong with you, which was more about me telling myself, nothing is wrong with me. … hiked with my sister (back from her […]

The Ups and Downs of Things

Been feeling a little blue. Been needing more help / support than usual. Thought seeing my therapist yesterday would help, but it took a whole lot more. After crying in the car because my self-care plan of doing work at my fav coffee house back-fired, I ended up just putting myself to bed. An hour […]

Party Like It’s 2010

One of my random ah-ha moments that occurred this year was “Do the easy thing”. Being that I can’t choose just one party for 2010 and because I want to revel in the awesomness that was my year, here is a list of wonderful party moments. Disclaimer – After writing this, I realized that a […]