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Flow: Month Six

Ah, June. I have to say, this entire year has felt like a whirlwind – at times I feel like I’m cruising along, other times I feel like I’m drowning. Up & down. It’s only in the past few days I’m surfacing again. June saw me travel for work (again), family visiting (again), work drama […]

Flow: Month Five

  Like I wrote here about my jury duty experience, May was a befitting challenge to my OWL ~flow~ because I spent two weeks in a situation I did not want to be in. It was all about giving in to reality, like how H told me to float on my back that time we […]

Flow: Month Four

April was a lot like March, if March was on speed. The craziness that was the second half of March took over ALL of April. Traveled to Boston, where I spent a night with my parents, went climbing outdoors for the first time, worked three 12-hour days, had an all-night happier with friends, took the […]

Flow: Month Three

We can sum up March as I’ve finally gotten my energy back and it’s a good thing because I am committed to a shit-ton of stuff. I know I hardly blogged in March, but that’s OK because 3 months into 2014 and I’ve: Cut back on my drinking Grabbed coffee with a woman I met […]

Flow: Month Two

I think the most important thing about February was that I gave in and, schedule-wise, went with the flow. There was no week that went the same way, Mercury was retrograde, I was hibernating and exhausted, the weather was hot or rainy. We were busy. It was an odd month for sure and I’m glad […]

Flow: Month One

Looking back over January, I have one word for myself: proud. I’m proud that I managed my anxiety with four major events in 21 days, kept up my workload, gave myself space when I needed it and listened to my intuition. There was the upswing of anxiety with events – planning, preparing, all hurry-up-and-wait. There […]

Ebb and Flow

If there is an ebb & flow to life, today is an ebb… That’s what I wrote as a caption to the above on Instagram today. Like I mentioned yesterday, I am experiencing event hangover and PMS. Frustrations with not feeling more awesome, sooner. I am proud to say that I talked myself through it […]

Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Full Flower Moon Dreamboard

I created the Pretty ‘n Pink one above first. Drawn to beauty, a bit of lavishness, and the idea of being perfect, naturally as I am. The bright pink tissue paper was a surprise and the first time I’ve used extra material like that. This, I think, is the Taurus sun, shining out in all […]

A Flow of Feelings

Why do my broken pieces always float to the top of exhaustion, when I feel least able to process…? That came out in my MPs last Saturday, after a week of busyness and not enough rest. On my morning walk with the dog that day, my mind suddenly began playing out a scene from when […]

February Is The New January

Coming back, slowly. When I powered-down for the holidays, I didn’t plan on it being for the entire month of January, but here we are, February 2nd. A whole month of 2015 gone, and almost 8 weeks since my last post. A lot happened in that time, of course. We had quite the holiday season, […]