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Grateful Season 2014

Thankful for healthy family, a great husband, a smart dog, a good job, flexibility, love, peace, dreams. Trips to Boston and Denver and Joshua Tree. Rock climbing, hiking and the ocean. Time outside. Alaska. Really good sleep. Good coffee, and tea, and chai. Good books. Really good books. Cooking, biking and running. Podcasts and comfortable […]

This Grateful Season – On The Other Side

And here we are – one the other side of November as it turns into December – from the grateful season to the holiday season. We decorated last week but still have ornaments to make and a tree to purchase and trim. Now I have an understanding of what I’ve gone through in the past […]

This Grateful Season – New Project

Today a really great work opportunity moved forward with a YES from those above me. I’m still nervous that it’ll get snagged by red tape or shut down, but I am enjoying this moment while I have it. Success. A new project. Work supporting my bigger ideas. And I am feeling the inkling of longer-term […]

This Grateful Season – Amazing Wedding Photographers

As I wrote yesterday, our wedding on 7.7.12 this year was pretty amazing. But it wouldn’t have been as awesome, or memorable, if we didn’t have spectacular wedding photographers Seba Photography. I have no recollection of how I found them. I was excited about them because they were the only photographers to send us full […]

This Grateful Season – Kick Ass Wedding Weekend

I may never get around to writing the full-on wedding post, but it can’t go without mention. I use this grateful season to recap my year and if 2012 was anything it was the year of our wedding. I know it’s a cliche, but the whole day, the entire weekend, was perfect. It proved again […]

This Grateful Season – The Ocean

Yesterday we took a ride down to Hermosa Beach – so awesome. We walked around, looked off the pier at surfers, watched kids “sled” down the dunes on boogie boards and my sister and I touched every single item in Gum Tree (my favorite kind of store). I can’t tell you how much I needed […]

This Grateful Season – A Toast

  A toast… to myself… past, present and future. May I continue to grow, to thrive rather than survive. I forget often how it really is all in me. I bring the awesome. A toast…to you… whoever you are out there. May we continue to cross paths, to connect and cherish. I forget how often […]

This Grateful Season – A List

Thankful for: Siblings Husband 3 hour naps Putting myself first Dog parks Leftovers Puppies (young and old) Friends who write amazing emails Friends who take you into their home Friends who make sure you read good books Hot tubs House envy Giving in Asking for help Yarn Books, esp murder mysteries Movies Shirtless Daniel Craig […]

This Grateful Season – The Coolest

Thankful for having such an amazing life. Whether I’m up or I’m down, I know I am blessed. Went out last night with my husband and sister for drinks. Enjoyed their company and watched them party (designated driver). Then got up early this AM for a 5k run with some awesome girls on the beach […]

Thie Grateful Season – Honeymooning

      One of the best parts about getting married, or more so, planning a wedding, is the honeymoon. My husband planned the entire thing by himself, I just gave him feedback on what I did and didn’t want to do. We chose Hawaii because I need beach, exotic, romantic and umbrella drinks and […]