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Sundays Are For (Week 31)

  Yesterday, I told H that, even if he hasn’t meant to do it on purpose, I see that he’s making our home life (and his personal time) as much of a priority as he can. Work is crazy this year for him – he’s teaching multiple classes, one of which he’s never taught before. […]

Sundays Are For (Week 30)

Starting Week In The Life, creating an insert for my One Little Word class, slow-cooking sausage and peppers, eating chili cheese dip, hanging with my sister who came over to watch the Giants’ game (they lost). A trip to the dog park where I felt good and then breaking the vacuum somehow battling the fleas, […]

Sundays Are For (Week 27)

      Today was an up & down, moon void-of-course type of day. We slept in late because we were out late – our friends had a big house-warming party last night. Once up, we decided to drive down to the marina to walk Carter. It’s been cold & gray, like June gloom in […]

Sundays Are For (Week 26)

A beach day, in Hermosa, with friends. Metered parking and paid lots. H willing to drive around to find parking. Missing the traffic on both ends, somehow. Citron vodka out of a flask, daiquiri frozen packets and beer. Lots of random food. T had apples. G had snickerdoodles we all thought was cake mix in the box. […]

Sundays Are For (Week 25)

      Today we were tired / hungover enough from our adventures yesterday at an all-you-can-drink mimosa brunch we were unsure what to do with our time. We thought movies, naps, straighten up… and then H suggested we try Ashley’s furniture just one more time to update the living room. I’ve wanted to update […]

Sundays Are For (Week 24)

      Sleeping in 3 hours past weekday wake-ups, but still up before 9AM. A trip to the dog park for Carter Cash while I sit in the car talking to my mom. Brunch at our favorite local joint, where we sit at the counter for the first time. The vat of whipped butter […]

Sundays Are For (Week 23)

Family potluck dinner at a friend’s house and a screening of Three Amigos via projector in the back yard. First of the season. I hadn’t seen the movie before, but it is very funny. It’s just so awesome to get together with friends, eat, drink and be merry. The chatter of work, weddings, jobs, dating, […]

Sundays Are For (Week 22)

  Even though my sister just moved out of our apartment (after 5+ months crashing here) doesn’t mean we don’t want to hang out with each other. Today was CicLAvia – you can read more on their about page – but the gist is (from their site): CicLAvia makes the streets  safe for people to walk, […]

Sundays Are For (Week 21)

Today was for… A three mile walk through the beach town, where Carter didn’t love his encounter with a pitbull but otherwise, was fairly easy to walk with. Guitar playing by H – lots of Iron & Wine and Tom Petty. Taking photos. Feeling stressed out (maybe PMS?) and trusting it would pass. It did. […]

Sundays Are For (Week 20)

…morning pages. Quiet walk with the husband and pup. Dog park. Knitting. Call with a friend. Collaging a vision board for my One Little Word class. Re-hydrating. H and my sister cleaned the downstairs yesterday and it feels so nice. Another walk with the pup, this one with my sister. The quiet of the apartment […]