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I read Alexandra Franzen’s post about being a daymaker. This idea stuck with me as I sat down to write a few thank you notes to speakers at recent events. Then I thought I should send a card to a friend, then a cousin who had a baby, then a connection I’d made at a conference…

All in all, I sent 8 letters that day.

And wouldn’t you know it – within the week – the Universe replied back with random letters and unexpected deliveries.

Life is so grand.

Since the start of the year, I’ve been using the Postagram app to send a postcard to my two grandmothers once a month. I just set a reminder on my calendar, and when it goes off, I open the app, pick a recent photo from my library, write a little note, and click send. I’ve also used this app to send photos of Carter Cash to friends – his pic now graces the walls of many a cubicle.

As you go about your day, can you drop a note to someone? Email is good, but handwritten is even better. Or better yet – be a daymaker to someone.

Recently a woman who manages a venue we host our events at told me her daughter loves Menchies frozen yogurt. Well, my sister happens to work there and has a ton of free swag. I nabbed a few pieces and added a gift card to the branded bag. When I delivered it to this woman before our recent event, she looked at me and said, “I’m going to be a hero tomorrow morning. You made my day. Thank you!”

And I couldn’t help feeling like a bad ass myself. But by making her day, she had made mine.



So THAT Happened…

Let’s really dig into what January means to me…WORK.CHAOS.

I oversee an alumni community. This community gathers together every year for an annual brunch. Previous years the numbers fluctuated from 200 to 400 people, the RSVPs are volatile and the melt-rate is somewhere between 33-50%.

Did I mention it’s at a super fancy hotel and we’re shelling out $60+ per head to feed people scrambled eggs? Oh, and the president of the college speaks. Apsht.

Now, this was all fine and dandy when we ran 3 events total in a calendar year. Three. But in 2012 I ran 18 – EIGHTEEN – alumni events, only ONE of which was this brunch.

Y’know, just to give you a small idea of the possible pressures associated with this event.

And then let’s tack on another mixer in another city 40 miles away. One in which last year I planned for 50 people and 75 show up. This year I planned for 75 people and 130 showed up. Of course.

Now, as an event planner, these are all good problems to have. Standing room only, running out of food, more mingling than you can shake a long-stemmed wine glass at, but that’s not all…

This year I had the added juggling of an event my colleague was in charge of PLUS another colleague in town for more small meetings (my fav).

So with all of that said – I’m posting this to CELEBRATE my awesomeness this month. That’s right. 5 events in 4 days. 8 events in 17 days. Over 400 people. A speaking portion. Lots of driving, schmoozing and hard work. So yeah. THAT happened.

Round of applause.

Lovingly borrowed idea from Alexandra Frazen. Go ahead and share your awesomeness.