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“When really, he thinks, it’s a glowing puddle you carry in your hands; you should spend all your energy protecting it. Fighting for it. Working so hard not to spill one single drop.”
― character talking about time,
Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

It was a pretty quiet week again, though I’m getting ready for our trip to ALASKA ::celebration emoji::

On the Alaska note, one of my favorite Instagram feeds is Seablanket – she’s been living in Alaska for over a year, and her pictures are stunning. You can follow her blog here.

I didn’t know this, but the Alaskan flag is 8 gold stars, in the shape of “the big dipper”, on a blue background. The North Star is larger than the other 7. Tell me that isn’t my love of Alaska + stars + astrology combining into another sign that I am meant to visit this grand state.

And if anyone knew anything about being in the great outdoors, it was John Muir:

“I am los­ing pre­cious days. I am degen­er­at­ing into a machine for mak­ing money. I am learn­ing noth­ing in this triv­ial world of men. I must break away and get out into the moun­tains to learn the news.”
– Alaska Days with John Muir by Samuel Hall Young

I don’t plan on scrapbooking on the trip like this, but I love Kelly Purkey’s way of doing it.

Found this post about Seeing Red In The Gene Pool (or the lack thereof) interesting, especially because I love red heads.

I finished All The Light We Cannot Seehighly recommend. I found it both a simple and stunning read.

And I’m participating in August Break again – if you’d like to follow along – join here.

My sister-in-law Renee plans to blog while we’re in Alaska, but I am undecided. I am really feeling the need to unplug and let my mind drift far, far away from work and every-day dramas. I do plan on sharing pictures via Instagram if we have wifi, and you can follow me @jtaormino21.

Take care xo

August Break For Alaska

1.inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic.
2.venerable; eminent.

I said last month that July is my favorite – and it is – but it was also hard. The writing I posted was deeper, and was well received, but I lost my words the past week or so. Where my writing dried up a bit, my focus on healthy eating and exercising stepped up a notch. Things always level-out, so I’m not worried.

Welcoming in August with a full day of work today, trying to officially catch-up / dig out / set up some buffers for the 2 weeks I’ll be traveling through Alaska.

What? Alaska, you say? Yes – I’m thinking the definition of “august” above is right in line with this epic family trip.

I can not wait. It could not come at a better time.

Participating in August Break again. Last year (August 2013) it started to feel like too much pressure, so I don’t know if I’ll be posting on the blog, but you can follow me on Instagram.

Stay cool & dry out there lovies.

August Break Recap


For the month of August, I followed prompts and took a photo (or a 5) a day for an online challenge created by Susannah Conway called August Break. Looking at the photo grid above, I am really happy with the results.

Buuuttttttt…. I didn’t love doing it.

It’s supposed to be a great excuse to take a break from serious blogging over a summer month, but since I’d just gotten into the swing of posting via an editorial calendar in July, it was mostly a distraction. Aka – total derail. And I started to dread it. I stopped on day 21.

What I learned from all of this is that scheduling blog content and pre-posting (by a day or two) is actually more engaging for me than the “pressure” of taking photos and posting daily. I also love love love collecting* all of these photos in the calendar grid as a recap of the month. That’s definitely a bonus. And I started following some lovely women on Instagram I found only because of the hashtag. Live and learn.

You can see all of my August Break posts here. *Calendar grid made with the Collect App – free in the iTunes app store. I don’t :heart: it, but it works.

Did you participate in August Break this year or something similar before? How was your experience?



day 20: taste (again)


Drinks with my coworkers. They are the best.

– – –

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day 19: white

Back to Boston, for work, staying at my favorite hotel. Today was full of meetings that probably won’t pan out into anything. We hit a bunch of traffic this morning and I never really ate breakfast. Got to have dinner with the friend I visited all weekend (one of my bridesmaids / our wedding planner) and our other college roommate (who officiated the ceremony). Great conversation that went by too quickly. Lots of sushi consumed.

Tomorrow is one big long meeting, as is Wednesday. Not really looking forward to it at all. I figure I’ll just show up, be myself and see how things go. And pray there’s an endless supply of tea.

For some reason H thinks it’s a good idea to pursue concrete house-hunting when I’m not physically in Los Angeles. We’ve had our realtor send over an offer, but 8hrs after the fact, I don’t want to print and sign it. In fact, I want a new relator. And to put this whole house thing on hold.

Because of the time change, I can’t discuss any of this with him for another hour, so I’ll just enjoy some Piano Concerti on Pandora and a hot shower in the best hotel ever.

Fingers crossed I get a run in along the Charles tomorrow since I missed the opportunity this evening. 

– – – 

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day 18: looking down

Sundays are for staying out until 3am and wolfing down a McDonald’s cheeseburger (pickles included) in the car ride home. Sleeping in until 11am and then lounging some more. Going through my friend’s photo albums, seeing her mom’s wedding photos from the 80s. Drinking two cups of chai latte and almost being convinced H and I need a Keurig. Eating fried eggs sandwiches outside on their back deck, which is so high off the ground, you feel like you’re in a tree house. Walking with friends and their super cute dog Meeka. Going out for chinese food, which included lots of leftovers and lots of driving. Watching the lush greenery of August wiz by in the car windows – and still pining for the fall season. And packing up my bags, leaving their house in the suburbs tomorrow for work in the city.

– – –

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day 17: touch

Visiting H’s family a few weeks ago, and now staying with a friend at her house in the ‘burbs, I am wishing H and I had the option for a house sooner than later. We’re looking, but it seems impossible.

The guest room is super cozy and has great light. The crickets and birds chirp outside. The weather is a perfect North Eastern August day – balmy, sunny and not the least bit oppressing.

I’m happy to be here.

– – –

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Another pic from Monday’s far away prompt.

I love it so much.

day 16: floral

Made it to my friends’ home in Massachusetts. Their guest room is decorated with my friend’s stuff from her old LA studio apartment. It’s comforting, though odd, to see these pieces in a house 3000 miles away from the last time i saw them. Quite a homey feeling.

Spending the weekend here and then off to a busy week of work in Boston.

– – –

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day 14: stillness

Slept terribly last night due to construction and Carter being up, not feeling well. Sleep is a major part of my self-care, so when I don’t get enough, I just feel blah and usually angry about it. Haha.

Glad to report that the day went along fine anyway.

– – –

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