Allowing Myself

…to feel, to love, to be.

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Another pic from Monday’s far away prompt.

I love it so much.

There’s A Puppy In My Bed

After our morning exercise, while I’m showering, this little guy will lay at the foot of the bed. Sometimes he lays on his side, soaking up the sunbeams. Other times he’ll stretch out long and pant in front of the fan. And every once in a while, he’ll take advantage of the unmade bed to curl up right where we lay our heads, like he knows that this is how you actually sleep up on this comfy platform.

This is the life.


What a sleepy pup. And look at all that black eye-liner. Must’ve been out late again.

The Sphinx

Sundays Are For (Week 20)

…morning pages. Quiet walk with the husband and pup. Dog park. Knitting. Call with a friend. Collaging a vision board for my One Little Word class. Re-hydrating. H and my sister cleaned the downstairs yesterday and it feels so nice. Another walk with the pup, this one with my sister. The quiet of the apartment with only two people in it. And then a quick Skype with our parents.

This little series isn’t consistent, but it helps me focus on enjoying my time off. Haven’t posted in a month, which was the day we went on that crazy hike: Sundays Are For (Week 19)

In the Interim

I know I’ve kept up my “Sundays Are For…” posts for what would be Week 12 today… but I’ve been blissfully off the grid for the weekend road-tripping it to the Sequoias. Above is a little taste of the beauty I experienced. It was my first time visiting and I would love to go back. We’re thinking of making it annual Autumn trip.

Tomorrow begins my two weeks of insanity. Working to approach it all with more ease – know that while I tried to listen to this podcast, I honked my horn at some idiot stopping on the freeway… Still learning. So, no idea when I’ll blog about the trip / post photos, but that’s my plan.

In the interim enjoy the photo above. It was taken from atop Moro Rock, before the fog rolled out.

Nugget On A Cloud

I wish I had a rainy day, a book, a latte and a naptime set up to enjoy with this little guy. Sadly, it’s till 90 degrees and we’ve got things to do this weekend. At least one of us gets to live the life.

(Taken with my iPhone, using the Fish-eye on the OlloClip, processed with Instagram)